About Us

NETCOMTECH is a Johannesburg based IT Technology, Communication and Solutions Company.


NETCOMTECH started its operations in 2004 as a support company, providing IT and Network support to companies nationally in South Africa. We commit ourselves to maximising our client's performance, through listening to their thoughts, their ideas and their dreams and by putting this all together we design and implement a solution that will perform beyond the client's expectations.


Netcomtech is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist company and provide companies with specialised services in IT Support and Integration, IT Compliance, Risk and Governance. We also provide services in IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture.


In 2006 Netcomtech was approached by Paretologic, a company that specialise in utility and PC performance software packages like Anti-Spyware, Registry Cleaners, PC Health Advisor and many more products to keep your PC healthy. Netcomtech was awarded the distribution of Paretologic products in South Africa and 5 neighbouring countries.


In 2007 we started our enterprise online catalogue store – Server Warehouse. Server Warehouse showcase branded server room equipment like Dell, HP & IBM servers; Cisco networking equipment any many more. We are resellers that supply equipment directly to the public and we are continually working to better our offering to the public. You can view our online store at http://www.server-warehouse.co.za


We also introduced a seperate online store for server cabinets with its own custom configuration section, this can be found at www.cabinet-warehouse.co.za




To be a market leader in "IT Strategy and Technology Alignment" that will create success for our clients "Enterprise Strategy and Technology Alignment".



To bring the best brands of server and server room solutions together under one roof with continued service and commitment to build the success of our clients' enterprises.